vanilladream - From yaoi panels to adult-fanfic rants, and here is where my head implodes.
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From yaoi panels to adult-fanfic rants, and here is where my head implodes.

Three weeks ago, on the first week-end of August, I was at Otakuthon in Montreal. That's yet another one of those anime conventions, in short. Being a first-timer, I was just a little overwhelmed by the cosplays and the panels and the free hugs and the Caramelldansen procession (oO), but mostly the panels.
One of them, to which I didn't assist (because I was busy trying to get a pair of earrings discounted), was about the realism of yaoi. Now, I'm not a yaoi fangirl. I like it, but I'm not one to squeal to high Heavens just because two guys happened to finally admit their undying love, just like I won't squeal to high Heavens if it's an heterosexual couple, or a lesbian couple. I'm just not that much of a... squealer. Or hopeless romantic. So, I happened to miss the panel and not worry about it, but my friends went and told me about it and I regretted letting my non-yaoism (and frugality) take precedence on my obsession of realism (although I'm still happy with my 2$ earrings and the ginormous bubble tea I drank on my way back to the Palais des Congrès). And what they told me about it made up my mind about yaoi: I'll keep to shonen-ai, it's easier to get right.
And so my mind started drifting.

1. Stop looking for realism in yaoi. There is none.
2. Really, stop looking for realism in anything anime, manga, or just plain japanese. There is rarely ever, slash none.
3. And while we're at it, those yaoi- and/or yuri- and/or plain hentai-watching fanfiction writers often lose their sense of realism. Therefore, see above.

Now, I know that's not always the case. There are some pretty good, sometimes excellent, sometimes mind-blowing adult-fanfiction writers out there. Just like there are some pretty good, excellent, mind-blowing erotica writers out there. (Seriously, people, stop bashing fanfic. It's a playground, a pretty nifty source of free reading, and just because it's amateur doesn't mean everyone writes horrendously as I do.)
But most of the time, just as most of the fanfic on FF.Net is written by 'tween girls, it's bad. As a disclaimer, I would like to say that I'm not any better (though at least I didn't write 'adult' fic when I was 13) and that there's a pretty good reason I don't write R- or NC-17-rated fic.
I know it's entertainment. I know it may have your favorite characters in it, in the case of a doujinshi. I know it may be full of sexy bishounen (or girls, depending on if we're talking about yaoi, yuri, hentai). But it's not inspiration for fanfic, and most of all it's not research material. Why oh why do they think it is?!

... Anyway, rant over. Going back to my capuccino, wishing it were bubble tea.

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