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One in a million, or something like that?

I'm currently isolated for health risks.
In other words, there's a chance the influenza I caught is a case of A H1N1, and they don't want to take the any risks. Huh, sure, if you say so. I'm perfectly fine; it was mostly gone by the time my mom dragged me to the doctor's office, and all they had to say was "Well, we can't give you anything and we won't run tests because it's been too long, but you seem well enough so we'll just quarantine you until Sunday."

Sure, ruin my Halloween, no problem. It might not even be anything bad and that whole H1N1 thing is way overhyped for the benefit of the pharmaceutical industry (and the medias -- then again, is there anything that isn't overhyped for their benefit?), but keep me away from school (when I have exams coming up), from going grocery shopping (meanwhile, I have nothing left in the fridge and all I can eat until Sunday is brown rice with a side of nothing), from even going downstairs to get the mail.

Were I dying from a fever, I'd understand. Were I coughing my lungs out, I'd even agree with them.
But it's over and, aside from the leftover side effects of asthma which I've always had, I'm fine.
And while I'm isolated from the world, someone has a real case of A H1N1 influenza that goes untreated and is dying of it, I'm sure.
Damned over-zealous doctors.

Mood sick, but not that muchLocation on my bed
Mood sick, but not that much
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