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Awkwardness in human form. 19, Female, French-speaking Canadian/Quebecer with an obsession for the English language, vegetarian, caffeine addict, writer without a cause, unapologetic fangirl.
You fill in the blanks.

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vanilladream [userpic]

So I just made a new account on DW. Which is a little pointless and a lot ridiculous.
Why? Because back when I made this one, I didn't think of the now unavoidable fact that I own one alias that crosses all platforms.
I'm the Queen of Nonsense.
Whether it's on MSN, Twitter (which I only use for stalking purposes), any email provider I've ever used (except for my MSN address, go figure), Skype or even the PSNetwork, I use some variant of QueenOfNonsense.
And I didn't think of using it here. What the Heck.

So here I am, looking for a purpose for [personal profile] queenofnonsense . Maybe I'll turn her (yeah, it's a she) into a notebook account.
If anyone passes here by random browsing, I wouldn't mind some help! :D

Much love (yep, to the random passersby),
Queen of Nonsense

PS: Merry late Christmas, and happy New Year! =)

Mood weirdLocation on my couch, laptop right where it belongs - on my lap.
Mood weird
Music Let it Be -- The Beatles
Tags: i'm such a nut, ohhhh shiny!
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