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Awkwardness in human form. 19, Female, French-speaking Canadian/Quebecer with an obsession for the English language, vegetarian, caffeine addict, writer without a cause, unapologetic fangirl.
You fill in the blanks.

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On unhealthy obsessions...

« I can see it already. In another time, another place — a crowded meeting full of dejected-looking, nameless people I couldn't care less about, standing from an unconfortable chair not unlike those we have in high school to claim something that I've feared for a long time already:

"Hi, my name is[info] - personalvanilladream and I am addicted to fiction."

I know, it's a weird thing to be addicted to, and it actually shouldn't be harmful. Not like drugs, or alcohol, or... who knows what else, really? But it is. In a completely different way, psychological rather than physiological, fiction addiction is destroying me.

And I'm loving every minute of it. »

Okay, so this is fictional. I'm don't ever plan on going to a support meeting for... fiction addiction? But the idea keeps popping up. I am a fiction — and fandom, though I think that's the worst part here — junkie. It's just not that bad a thing, and I'm kind of proud of it, if only because there's so much to imagine within the fictional realms...
... and within fandom. Because, as it stands now, imagination knows no bound to the fangirl.
Many thanks to my friends for showing me this.

Anyway. Makes no sense (no surprise there), but I had to start my journal somehow, and- and I love writing about the wacky state my mind's usually in!

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