Awkwardness in human form. 19, Female, French-speaking Canadian/Quebecer with an obsession for the English language, vegetarian, caffeine addict, writer without a cause, unapologetic fangirl.
You fill in the blanks.

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vanilladream [userpic]

So I just made a new account on DW. Which is a little pointless and a lot ridiculous.
Why? Because back when I made this one, I didn't think of the now unavoidable fact that I own one alias that crosses all platforms.
I'm the Queen of Nonsense.
Whether it's on MSN, Twitter (which I only use for stalking purposes), any email provider I've ever used (except for my MSN address, go figure), Skype or even the PSNetwork, I use some variant of QueenOfNonsense.
And I didn't think of using it here. What the Heck.

So here I am, looking for a purpose for [personal profile] queenofnonsense . Maybe I'll turn her (yeah, it's a she) into a notebook account.
If anyone passes here by random browsing, I wouldn't mind some help! :D

Much love (yep, to the random passersby),
Queen of Nonsense

PS: Merry late Christmas, and happy New Year! =)

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Mood weird
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vanilladream [userpic]

So, I've got three bucks on my Paypal account that are sleeping there, waiting to help out on my next purchase, but I don't plan on buying anything anytime soon.
... Except maybe that sickeningly pretty pocket watch on eBay with which I've had an obsession since last June. But considering I won't have 50$ to shell out on a watch 'till November (and even then, I'll be saving for G-Anime in February), I was thinking of trying a month of Paid Account over here. I mean, it's 3$, exactly what I've got on Paypal. And I don't plan on doing anything else with it.
And it's not completely useless, is it? I'm always on Dreamwidth, writing, deleting, re-writing, and reading a lot (I love comms. Sorry I'm such a lurker.), making icons, posting them for myself only until I've got enough and they're pretty enough to show the rest of the world, etc.

Only, I'm not sure. That watch sure is pretty. And maybe if I transferred money over progressively, I'd buy it sooner than I thought? And maybe, just maybe, I might find something I'll like more than a month's worth of a paid account. For 3$, I doubt it, but who knows? With my luck, a deal will come by just three seconds after I'm done.
And then there's the guilt. Because being a jobless student, I don't have much money on my hands. I have to pay the rent, the bills, the Cégep registration fees, the textbooks — oh and let's not forget I have to feed myself, too. Those three dollars, why spend them on the web, on something I don't need?

Ugh. I hate being financially aware and responsible. Why the Hell is everyone around me so carefree with their money when I can't spend three little dollars freely?
I'm a lost cause.

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Mood confused
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Tags: i'm such a nut, ohhhh shiny!, short rants
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